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Power of Attorney and Capacity


Solicitor for Lasting Powers of Attorney in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

There are many reasons why someone else may need to step in and help or deal with financial or Health and welfare matters on your behalf.

What is Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A document which authorises someone (up to a maximum of 4) to deal with a financial or health situation for you if you do not want to deal with it yourself or are unable due to ill health.

Why Do I Need LPA?

Getting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney document is a safeguarding exercise which we hope you will never need. However, if your mental or physical health state sadly deteriorates, you will be glad that you have one in place. A Lasting Power of Attorney not only covers finances, but also your health and welfare needs.

If your health deteriorates you will need someone to look after you - someone who can pay bills for you or organise a carer to look after you. These are serious decisions to make.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is the only way you yourself can decide who is going to be authorised to deal with your affairs. Otherwise, if your health deteriorates and you have not already set up an LPA appointment someone will have to apply for a court order and obtain approval to be appointed to be your deputy.

What Are General Powers of Attorney?

It may be that you are going abroad for a few weeks or months and you need someone back home to just pay your bills and deal with your post until you get back? A General Power of Attorney to cover a short period is extremely useful in these circumstances.

Putting a General Power of Attorney in place whilst waiting for the registration of your LPA is very useful so that your affairs can be dealt with immediately by your appointed Attorney whilst waiting for longer term authorisation through the Lasting Power of Attorney system.

Setting Up A Power Attorney

None of us have a crystal ball. We do not know what is around the corner but whatever life throws at you, if you are prudent, you will have already contacted Helen Gagan Solicitor and have nominated an individual or individuals (up to a maximum of 4) in a Power of Attorney document to deal with your property and financial affairs, health and welfare.

Do Not Leave It – You Are Too Important for That

If you wait until you have an illness or accident, or your health deteriorates simply due to your age, it may be too late to get a Lasting Power of Attorney document in place. Your mental capacity may be such that you are unable to provide Helen Gagan Solicitor with the necessary instructions.

In such circumstances a family member, friend, or carer’s only option is to make an application to the court to be appointed as your Deputy which is a very time consuming and expensive route to authorisation.

Would it not be better to choose your own Attorney from the comfort of your own home or our office in Felpham?


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